There are many different ways of performing this procedure according to published medical papers. Some methods involve injecting a steroid into the area that has been operated on after the procedure. We would only recommend this under specific circumstances, for example when a patient has a bursa.

In general, our procedure for radiofrequency treatment can be described as follows:

The full procedure including anaesthesia usually takes no more than one hour.


We often use a tibial nerve block at the ankle to target the tibial nerve. Guided by an ultrasound machine to ensure a safe and accurate injection, this specialised local anaesthetic block brings a number of benefits including longer pain relief.


It generally takes no more than 20 minutes for the foot to go numb.


Using ultrasound guidance, we insert the radiofrequency probe and place it adjacent to the neuroma.


After starting the machine, we then administer a number of cycles.


A simple dressing is applied afterwards.


We advise patients to rest for 24 hours, after which they can start low-impact activities as long as they are comfortable doing so.