Benign joint hypermobility and Morton's neuroma


Benign joint hypermobility syndrome (BJHS) , also known as Ehler's Danlos type 3 (sometimes describe rather inaccurately as doublejointed) is a fairly common syndrome whereby joints in the body are excessively lax. If such laxity is present in the joints of the foot, then the risk of Morton's neuroma increases. Hypermobile feet often show excessive collapse of the ankle and lowering of the arch (this is often referred to as abnormal pronation). This can lead to excessive movement of the metatarsals with secondary friction on the intermetatarsal nerve so leading to a Morton's neuroma. Patients with BJHS are not good surgical candidates are they often scar abnormally and recovery can be slower and more complicated. Minimally invasive procedures such as cryosurgery offer a much lower risk of complication in this patient group. Our Centre would generally which to assess gait and biomechanical function in detail with this patient group. (please see for more information)