Know the main risks of open surgery for Morton’s neuroma


No invasive procedure is risk free but the relative risks of different operations should be carefully weighed up before proceeding with surgery. In the case of open surgery for Morton’s neuroma patients often attend The London Podiatry Centre asking about stump neuroma. This is a condition where the end section of nerve which has been cut, forms a hypersensitive “bud” of nerve tissue. Sometimes the nerve that has been cut becomes bound down to scar tissue and this can give risk to pain which is similar to a stump neuroma. Stump neuroma can be very distressing for patients and is a challenging condition to treat. Other risk of open surgery include infection and complex regional pain syndrome where the body responds abnormally to surgery to the extent that the foot can become extremely sensitive with associated colour and temperature change.
Because of these risk, The London podiatry Centre always recommends less invasive treatments such as cryosurgery before open surgery.