Dr James Rakshi MB ChB MD FRCP - Referring Consultant


The various features of a gait disturbance can be complex and the exact nature of the problem/s often can’t be picked up by simple observation or examination, however, good a clinician one thinks one is.

Ron McCulloch and his team at The London Podiatry Centre have developed a unique expertise of understanding musculoskeletal gait disturbance, having dedicated many years in trying to tease out the various components of the problem using detailed, objective gait analysis.

The regular clinical use of formal gait analysis, where one’s walking is analysed in detail is long overdue and can be invaluable in the proper understanding of gait disturbance in patients and working out practical ways to help them that may not have otherwise been considered.

Understanding Gait disturbance requires an open diagnostic mind as well as a multidisciplinary approach, involving various specialist doctors and therapists working closely together. Several of my patients have greatly benefited from Ron’s expert opinion and advice and similarly patients Ron has referred to me have been diagnosed with an underlying neurological problem, and two have recently required urgent spinal surgery.