Can specific nerve conduction studies be used to test for Morton's neuroma?


In a paper by Pardal-Fernández et al. (J.M. Pardal-Fernández., E. Palazón-García., F.Hernández-Fernández. & C. de Cabo. Contribution of a new electrophysiologic test to Morton's neuroma diagnosis. Foot and Ankle Surgery. 2014, June) the authors state that their perspective study showed excellent results for the diagnosis of Morton's neuroma using nerve conduction studies. Nerve conduction studies are often used to assess abnormalities in nerve function, but are rarely used for Morton's neuroma. This particular study would perhaps suggest that this is an investigation that could be considered. At present The London Podiatry Centre has no plan to start using this, as we feel that a combination of clinical tests and a positive ultrasound scan is highly diagnostic for the condition; although in unusual cases where there is less certainty, The Centre may consider this investigation.