Best shoes for Morton’s neuroma, a condition where a painful thickened, trapped nerve forms in the forefoot.


Patients with Morton’s neuroma often attend The London Podiatry Centre with shoes that they feel significantly help reduce their pain. There are two pairs of shoes in particular that appear to help Morton’s neuroma sufferers and these are the memory foam range of shoes from Sketchers and the Fit Flop sandals in the summer months. The London Podiatry Centre has tested these shoes using their state of the art gait analysis facility and the key features of the Sketchers shoe is that it is wide fitting whilst the soft memory foam base reduces pressure on the nerve. The fit flops help because they are soft, don’t compress the foot and have a rocker affect. If shoes, insoles, splints and physiotherapy do not help the condition then we recommend cryosurgery over other invasive treatments although The Centre also offers radiofrequency and open surgery when this is appropriate.